Sadhu Board practice is the best foot massage you can think of. Imagine 300 to 600 nails under each foot, depending on the difficulty level of the board. That is, we can say that so many fingers massage one foot. In addition, practice allows you to control the body and get rid of blocks in it. Standing on the nails, it is not the body that controls you, but you control the body.

How to find spiritual peace and harmony in a world full of everyday problems and stress? Humanity has not yet found a single solution. Some unload their heads with walks or outdoor activities, others unload their heads with walks or outdoor activities, others unload the bath, listen to music or go for a massage. And the bravest ones stand on the nails.
If you're scared, do it.
Once you overcome fear and pain, a new source of energy will open up.
Benefits of nailing practice
For body:
For mental health:
What are the contraindications for nailing practice?
  • strengthen immunity
  • get rid of back pain, headaches and even migraines
  • normalize sleep
  • improve the functioning of the endocrine and lymphatic systems
  • remove clamps and blocks in the body
  • formulate a clear intention on a topic of concern
  • harmonize the human chakra system
  • launch streams of energy channels
  • relieve stress and restore resource
  • free your head from extraneous thoughts
  • work out undefined emotions
The most important contraindication is the lack of desire. It is also not worth practicing standing on nails in the following cases:
  • epilepsy and epileptic seizures
  • stroke or heart attack, suffered less than six months before practice
  • pregnancy
  • alcohol or drug intoxication
Our mission
To make the most ancient methods of healing and improving the Soul and body accessible and understandable for a modern person. To increase the amount of love and light in the space of human life.
How to choose
Sadhu boards are divided into three difficulty levels depending on the distance between the nails:

  • 8 mm - for beginners
  • 10 mm - for the intermediate level, considered a classic
  • 12 mm - for advanced

*The greater the distance between the nails, the harder it is to stand on them
The practice of nailing originated in ancient India. Fakirs and sadhus (ascetics who completely devoted themselves to the knowledge of God) made pilgrimages on foot across the country: in the summer they went north to the Himalayas to visit the shrines and places of power located there, and in the winter they went south. Such travels are impossible without fortitude, a strong nervous system, a solid physical body and a clear mind. All this is achieved by standing on the nails. The name of the Sadhu board comes from the Sanskrit root sādh, which means "to achieve a goal" or "to have power over something."
About us
Hello, our names are Mariana and Timur and we will introduce you to the most powerful practice of transforming yourself - nailing.

Timur is an experienced physiotherapist, Mariana is a practicing Reiki master.

For us, health is not only a beautiful body, but also a healthy psyche. That is why we have found the optimal path that combines ancient practices with modern methods of healing body and soul.

Welcome to our cozy world, let's change together. Now, more than ever, the world needs healthy individuals!
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